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What is the use of VFX in the real world?

The use of Visual Effects (VFX) extends far beyond the animation industry and is prevalent in various real-world applications across different sectors. Here are some notable examples: Film and Television Production VFX are extensively used in the film and television industry to create stunning visual effects, enhance storytelling, and bring

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Importance and Scope of Game Design in Real World

Game design plays a significant role in the animation industry, offering a unique perspective on storytelling, interactivity, and audience engagement. Here’s why game design is important in the animation industry and its scope in the real world: Interactive Storytelling Game design principles are instrumental in creating interactive narratives in animated

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Tips for 3D project documentation

Thorough documentation of 3D projects is pivotal for streamlined communication, collaboration, and future reference. This guide provides a concise roadmap to effectively document your work, enhancing comprehension and ensuring valuable insights for both current and future endeavours. Here’s a guide on how to document your 3D projects: Project Overview Start

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