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Individual courses are designed to provide specialized education for artists looking to excel in the entertainment industry. It’s important for prospective students to carefully consider their educational and career goals before enrolling in non-vocational courses that do not lead to formal certificates or diplomas. Courses cover a variety of subjects – Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Film, Game and production.Students, aspiring to learn and start a career in Animation and Multimedia may enquire and enroll with Octa Animation Multimedia, the popular Institute in Guwahati, Assam.

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2-3 months each course

Mode of Training

Classroom, Online

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Octa Animation Multimedia

What will you be learning:

Art and Design, Character Animation, Character Rigging, Compositing & Motion Graphics, Dynamic Effects, Games Tools & Techniques, Entertainment Design, Lighting & Rendering, Matte Painting, Modelling & Sculpting, Scripting & Programming, Texturing & Shading, Visual Effects Tools & Techniques

Career Opportunities

  • VFX Artist/Animator
  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Compositor
  • 3D Modeler
  • Texture Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • VFX Supervisor
  • VR/AR Developer
  • Freelance Work
  • Teaching and Training

Art and Design

Graphic design courses emphasize design fundamentals, color theory, typography, layout, and digital tools. Students learn to visually communicate messages, think conceptually, and develop a portfolio showcasing their creativity and skills for professional applications.

Character Animation

Character Animation courses teach principles of movement, storytelling, and expression in 2D and 3D dimensions. Students use software like Adobe Animate or Autodesk Maya to bring characters to life, honing skills crucial for careers in animation, film, and gaming.

Visual Effects Tools & Techniques

Visual Effects Tools & Techniques courses focus on industry-standard software and methodologies for creating realistic and compelling visual effects. Students learn to use tools like Nuke or Adobe After Effects, mastering techniques essential for careers in film, television, and digital media production.

Dynamic Effects

Dynamic Effects courses explore the creation of realistic and captivating visual effects in various media. Using software like Houdini or Adobe After Effects, students learn to simulate natural phenomena, explosions, particles, and dynamic elements, enhancing their skills for film, gaming, and multimedia productions.

Lighting & Rendering

Lighting & Rendering courses delve into the art and science of illuminating and rendering 3D scenes. Students learn techniques for achieving realistic lighting effects using software like Autodesk Maya or Blender, enhancing their skills in visual storytelling, animation, and digital media production.

Entertainment Design

Entertainment Design courses teach the creation of visually compelling concepts for film, games, and media. Students explore storytelling through environments, characters, and props, using software like Photoshop or Blender to develop skills essential for designing captivating and immersive entertainment experiences.

Games Tools & Techniques

Games Tools & Techniques courses cover the technology and methodologies used in game development. Students learn to utilize game engines like Unreal, implement scripting languages, create assets, and understand the essential tools for designing and building immersive gaming experiences.

Matte Painting

Matte Painting courses focus on creating hyper-realistic environments for film and media. Students master digital painting techniques using software like Adobe Photoshop and learn to seamlessly integrate painted elements into live-action footage, enhancing their skills for visual effects and cinematic storytelling.

Modeling & Sculpting

Modeling & Sculpting courses teach the creation of 3D models and sculptures for various applications. Students use software like ZBrush or Blender to develop skills in character design, object modeling, and digital sculpting, essential for industries such as animation, gaming, and virtual reality.

Texturing & Shading

Texturing & Shading courses explore techniques for adding surface details and materials to 3D models. Students use software like Substance Painter or Autodesk Maya to master texturing and shading processes, enhancing their skills for realistic rendering in animation, gaming, and visual effects.

Character Rigging

Character Rigging courses focus on creating articulated skeletons for 2D and 3D characters, enabling animators to control movement. Students learn techniques using software like Toon Boom Harmony or Autodesk Maya, essential for careers in animation, gaming, and visual effects.
Compositing & Motion Graphics courses teach the integration of visual elements into a cohesive whole and the creation of dynamic visuals. Using software like Adobe After Effects, students master techniques for film, television, and digital media production, enhancing their skills for diverse visual storytelling projects.

Application Open

For Academic Year – 2024

    Course Features

    Course Features: Courses are thoroughly studied and designed, considering market trends, job prospects, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills necessary for a prosperous career.

    It’s important to note that this course may require a certain level of artistic talent and creativity, as well as a strong interest in the field of animation and visual effects. As such, potential students should research the individual courses thoroughly and assess their skills and interests before enrolling.

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