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Octa Animation Multimedia’s Summer Crash Course introduces school children to animation and multimedia, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and early technological exposure. This program empowers students to enhance their project capabilities independently, preparing them for academic excellence. The course boosts confidence through project completion and aligns with school assignments. With a focus on multidisciplinary learning, it equips children with relevant skills for future careers in the high-demand fields of animation and multimedia. The early introduction to these industries ensures a strong foundation, making children comfortable with technology and sparking their creativity from an early age. Parents must guide their children to enroll at Octa Animation Multimedia, a renowned institute in Guwahati, Assam. Thoughtful consideration ensures a positive educational experience, providing essential exposure for the child’s growth.


09 Years & Above


2-4 Weeks

Course Term

Creating Interest to Children

Start Level

School Children

What will you be learning:

Graphic Design, Video Editing, 2D character design, 3D character design, VFX, Stop-Motion Animation, Motion Graphic.

Career Opportunities

  • UIUX Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Print Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Digital Media Editor
  • and many more…

Graphic Design

Explore Octa Animation Multimedia’s, the exciting world of graphic design! This course for children blends creativity with technology, teaching design fundamentals through fun projects, unleashing imagination, and empowering young minds visually.

Video Editing

Unlock creativity with Octa Animation Multimedia’s video editing course for children! Learn essential skills in cutting, effects, and storytelling. Turn ideas into captivating videos, fostering imagination and sparking a lifelong passion for editing.

2D character design

Embark on a magical journey into 2D character design! This course for children designed by Octa Animation Multimedia teaches the art of creating enchanting characters through colorful illustrations and storytelling, nurturing young artists' imagination and skills.

3D character design

Octa Animation Multimedia has special designed Fun and interactive 3D character design course for children! Learn creative skills, use easy-to-use software, and bring characters to life. Foster imagination and artistic expression in a playful environment.


Octa Animation Multimedia’s Exciting VFX course for children! Explore the magic of visual effects, learn basic techniques, and create your own cinematic wonders. Unleash creativity in a hands-on, kid-friendly environment. Enroll now!

Stop-Motion Animation

Discover the enchanting world of stop-motion animation! Join Octa Animation Multimedia’s course for children to craft captivating stories, build characters, and bring them to life frame by frame. Unleash your creativity today!

Motion Graphic

Unlock creativity in kids with Octa Animation Multimedia’s Motion Graphics course! Tailored for children, they'll learn animation, design basics, and industry tools. Inspire imagination and foster skills for visually captivating storytelling!

Application Open

For Academic Year – 2024

    Course Features

    Courses are thoroughly studied and designed, considering market trends, job prospects, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills necessary for a prosperous career.

    It’s important to note that this course may require a certain level of artistic talent and creativity, as well as a strong interest in the field of animation and visual effects. As such, potential students should research the program thoroughly and assess their skills and interests before enrolling.

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